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Biometric Screenings 2023

FREE Biometric Screening for all Employees*

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Screenings Include:

Earn 5 Sandy Total Wellness Points | Get Access to WellRight

Important to Note:

  • Please FAST for at least 8 hours prior. Water and/or black coffee are okay.
  • Must bring Insurance Card to Screening
  • Must have forms filled out PRIOR to screening (via Healthie)
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Sandy Total Wellness

Your Onsite Wellness Program

A quick summary

Sandy Total Wellness is BD Sandy’s Onsite Wellness Incentive Program that encourages the development and ownership of healthy habits in EVERY area of wellness. This program is available to all Sandy employees regardless of their insurance carrier and is separate from Corporate’s BD Healthy Lives Program.

The program allows you to participate in sitewide Challenges, Sports Tournaments, Lunch ‘n Learns, Blood Drives, Fitness events, and even choose or create your own personal challenges—all which award you points. At the beginning of each year, each point turns into $1, for up to $200 paid directly to your paycheck!** All for doing healthy things that you are hopefully doing already!

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How to Participate

Download Sandy Program Info Flyer

* Employees without health insurance are not eligible for the free biometric screenings