How can I take control of my health?

The Challenge

Anthony pours his life into his work and his family. Although he wants to engage in meaningful activities with his loved ones, his health is holding him back. Unfortunately, bodies wear out over time, and so do bank accounts. Anthony turned to current medical solutions when things got bad but all he found were stacks of medical expenses and no lasting sense of wellness. He noticed that the food he ate began to stick and the stress he fought turned into wrinkles. Sleep evaded him and his body began to creek like a floorboard. He tried to push these negative feelings away but his options left him frustrated. He felt helpless.

The Key

When Anthony was at his lowest point, he ran into his old friend Mike at a bar. Mike quickly realized that Anthony was struggling and asked him what was wrong. “I’m afraid I won’t be there for my kids. My emotions are all over the place because I can’t sleep. I feel so weak that I am struggling to get anything done at work. I don’t know what to do.” Anthony said.

“I’ve been there.” Mike replied quietly. “You don’t realize how important good health is until it’s gone. But Anthony, that’s what’s wrong. You aren’t working at it until it is a disaster. You need to be proactive. The best Defense is a good Offense. You need Thriver.” 

Thriver Health

“What’s that? An insurance company?” Anthony asked. 

“Kind of the opposite actually.” Mike replied. “Insurance companies charge you money every month and then a lot more when you are hurt. Thriver, on the other hand, is a company that saves you money every month on things like yoga, personal training, doctor visits, and much more. It helps you stay in good health so that you can avoid the expenses of sick care. Its a small thing to sign up but I promise you, your life will be transformed. You will feel in control and like yourself again. You have everything you need to be healthy. Thriver helps you access it. You can keep repeating the things you’ve done in the past and keep spiraling down, but you don’t have to. You can make the change.”

Thankfully, Anthony gave Thriver a call and they helped him take back his life. He joined a local Dojo for ju jitsu and has never been healthier. He gets to see his doctor every month for free and remains accountable to the health goals he has set. Thriver helped him realize that the power to be healthy was in his hands all along, he just had to use it. 

Anthony at the dojo with his ju-jitsu friends