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We help Providers deliver more.

Thriver Health utilizes local providers to deliver worksite programs and virtual care follow-ups, supporting them with new patient acquisition and engagement


Healthcare, reimagined

We truly want to help people live better lives — and we know you do too. We believe a focus on prevention and personalization drives a more efficient model.  However, current healthcare systems are not the most equipped to provide those services to patients at an affordable cost.  That’s why we set out to find a model that would allow patients to receive all the care and direction they need to achieve their goals, without breaking the bank.  We believe we found the answer!
We’ve developed a hybrid Direct Primary Care model that allows preventive care to be delivered at notably lower costs, allowing for more help for more people.  Our programs not only help you aquire more patients, but keep them coming and engaged in their own well-being.  Give us a call, we’d love to show you how to gear your clinic with the right assets to make preventive healthcare an easy process for both you and your patients.
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Are you a provider that wants to build a preventative practice?

We’re here to make your life easier, through patient acquisition, credentialing, and insurance services.

01. Patient Aquisition

Ready to expand your practice?  We will connect you to patients that need you the most.  Thriver utilizes local providers to deliver worksite programs and virtual care follow-ups.

02. Credentialing

We know, credentialing is a huge headache sometimes.  Our credentialing will get you in with patients you weren’t able to before.

03. Insurance Billing

Our insurance billing systems will allow for greater return on preventive services, enabling you to help your patients more thoroughly.